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Originally Posted by john3352 View Post
Good afternoon Ladies and gentilemen,

I'll just get this out of the way first (I love Mustangs), however, the new Camarro is a nice piece that warrents a second look by anyone who is seriously concidering a pony car. I think GM did a great job on this vehicle.. I just hope the buying public pays attention this time. I didnt get to look at production numbers yet for 2008 Mustangs, but I did see how many Shelby GT500's were made (8134), and (1968) GT500KR's were built, I couldnt get totals for Mustang GT's and regular mustangs but they usually do about 130,000 a year and probably about 80,000 to 90,000 during these difficult times. The Dodge produced (6400) 426 bhp 425 lb/ft torque Challenger SRT-8's and will shoot for 30,000 to 40,000 v-6, 5.7 v-8's and SRT-8 for 2009, but I doubt they will make it...

I hope these cars all do well, when they do well it breeds competition and all breeds get improved and grow... I want to see Camarros, Mustangs and Challengers compete/out do each other.. OK... enough politics not the bad news bow-tie-boy
Your not going to want to hear this but... FORD just released official pictures and stats for the revised Shelby GT500... 540bhp 510lb/ft torque 3:55 rear gears and 6speed and just as fast as the outgoing GT500KR but with better handling (for the life of me I have no idea why theres no IRS suspension)... Check (chess!!!)
Thanks for the to the Camaro

nice guess on those mustang numbers....found this from
"Sales of Mustangs for December of 2008 were 4,027 compared to 8,315 from December of 2007 showing a 51.6% decrease in sales from the previous year. 2008 Mustang sales are 91,251 compared to 134,626 for 2007, which is a 32.2% drop."

Sure does show the effects of the economy :(

Definately a +1 of wanting to see all the american pony cars duke it out again

p.s....we went through all the new GT500 info months ago so it's old news to us (we've got our eyes on the Ford and Dodge folks too) They are also most likely going to be $15-20K more than an SS too
There just might be a 2016 Camaro or Corvette in my future...
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