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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
How can you be disappointed if you haven't seen it in person?

The Synergy Series did not show up on the site because we had not finished validation with some of the interior components. We COULD have put it out there early, but we felt that the appearance of some items on the package were not up to your standards or our standards. So we reserve the right to 'move at the speed of molasses' if it means making it right for the customer...... Stop and think about it: we make more money on a Camaro with the Synergy Series option than we would on a similar Camaro without the Synergy Series it ACTUALLY COSTS US MONEY when we delay something like the Synergy Series!

Bring me 10,000 orders for Bright Blue and we might consider it.

Please - don't just take my word for it......I'm begging you: Go purchase or borrow a Camaro White book.........and look at the number of Bright Blue Camaros sold over the history of the car......

MOREOVER - go look at a recent post I made about the fact that I LOVE BRIGHT BLUE - but why would we continue to spend millions to continue to develop Bright Blue when it CONTINUES not to sell? (You can't just add a paint to the paint system - the cost to develop a new color can be in the millions......) I very much remember working on the development of the Bright Blue for the 1999 model year................... lasted I believe less than 5 months before it was jettisoned due to low penetration rate........

YOU may love Bright Blue and I may love bright blue - but it appears that most do not....

NOW - that said: Don't assume that you will NEVER see another bright blue Camaro..........
Scott, The reason I was disappointed by the color choice is because it is in the black/dark gray/silver family. I own a bodyshop, I see the data on color popularity. Black is first, followed by silver and white, then red, then, believe it or not, BLUE. I just can't believe GM built a Synergy Green, but can't bring back a simular Daytona or Mulsanne Blue. Heck, Jetstream Blue is nice! I will keep hoping for a great blue choice. I think the ABM was not a viable choice, in my humble opinion. As far as the synergy series not showing up on the site...well, I guess your point makes sense, but if it is costing GM money because of delay, them obviously someone is dropping the ball. I will always be a Camaro and GM guy, as you, but patience is tested. Thanks for all your dedication and your support of the Camaro faithful...and thanks for your insight. It is appreciated!
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