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Arrow MY VR BABY... [COTW 8/29/11]


The trip down the road to getting my Camaro started while siting on a Ship out in the middle of the pacific, there were a bunch of fellow Marines saying when they get back they were getting the challenger and some even took advantange of pre buying through the Military new car sales, I kept saying I am waiting for the Camaro to come out. Well easier said then done, finally came back home and my old Grand Am GT started having issues and was thinking to myself it has to make it since the production is still 9 Months away.. Then come to find out about the whole dealer allocations and some dealerships charging much higer then MSRP. They started arriving and I kept going to dealerships, calling and looking on ebay to try and find one, it was killing me, the local dealership told me I would have to pay the above sticker and it would still be 8-12 month wait... anyway, I finally found a dealer I trusted and she took my deposit and said as soon as see had an allocation she would place my order for sticker... She was great, cause I must have called her 100 times to find out where it was.... still waiting... They told me I was going to have to deploy since someone got hurt and could not go, I ordered the car exactly how I wanted it, and I was not going to lose it, I called her again, and told her it needs to hurry up... I took deliver 3 weeks before I shipped out... and well, better to have it then not, so I picked it up and headed to Vegas... Once I came back again, its been great, the Camaro5 website was great from the begining letting me know the status and finding out where my car was even before the dealership knew it.. One bad thing about this site is, I am going broke from all the great ideas and different Mods... I have used some of the best to make my car the way it is.. This site is really invaluable to me, as I have been lost of diffferent issues that have come up and had great help and also have met some great people at different events including Camaro Fest II...

Recieved a Certificate from Al Oppenhiser from GM Chief Engineer for the Camaro, great suprize and honor to meet him and his team at the Camaro Fest II in Chandler. That made my day and trip..

Went to LA Invasion and took best 2010 Camaro and runner up for best F-Body.

Thanks to Chris@ 2EDGE PERFORMANCE IN COSTA MESA who has helped me out and does some of the best work I have come across.. I am a pain too, when it come to my car... I trust him and his work 110% he is the best.. Still waiting on my free super changer..

The car now handles as good as it looks...
Some of Mods:
BMR toe arms
BMR Trailing arms
Hotkhis Springs and Front and rear end links.
BMR front Bushings and rear inserts, upper control arm bushing including Differential
Hotkhis Under carage brace, strut brace and sway bars
Performance tune
Kooks signature step headers, high flow cats and cermic coated silver.
Magnaflow compitition 3" exhust with quad tips
Painted ground effects
Chome from Camaro Chome, different engine bay parts also trunk.
Custom Subs and Alphine Processor to keep fuction in the head unit and 2 Amps
Dyed Stiching leather sitching
Wood trim kit
White wall tired, found tire paint on line.
Hydropaintd fog bezels
Radiator cover from Roto Fab
Roto Fab CAI
Custom airbrushed engine cover also hydrodiped carbon fiber with stainless steel inserts
Hydropainted front speed and rpm cover
AAC lighing, foot well, fog, side markers
Stillen slotted and drilled rotors
Chromed OEM rims
Painted Calipers
Hawk Cermamic brake pads
Stainless steel brake lines
Custom BOW TIE from emblem pros
tinted windows
Hertiage Grill
Custom gas and brake pedals
Gary Customs slotted fenders
BMR Rear lower control arms..
Richmound Rear Gears 3.73
Show Stoppers Mirrors.
New UFC Custom 20 Inch rims.
QTP Cutouts with remote on/Off
NEWTEK UFC Custom wheels
Soon to be dash ABL and cupholder lighting
2SSRS back up camera kit with hydropainted bezel
Hydropainted center console
Poweder coated VMAX throttle body
Mike the poweder coater calipers...

After 2 Years I am all done with the Mods for now.. Unless someone gives me a Free super charger...

I am totally broke now... Who is going to give me a free supercharger...

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