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I love the way the 45th Anniversary looks. That Carbon Metallic looks good. Its black, but not to black. Plus the metallic gives it a golden touch. I for one am thinking about putting down an order when it becomes ready this summer. Plus I'm thinking about the V6 too. For me its the idea of shifting gears thats fun. Great Gas mileage and power of a V8 naturally aspirated. My 1968 396 big block chevy puts out 325 hp and eat gas like I eat twinkies.You cannot beat it.

As far as the stripe, I like it. It's so in your face loud like the muscle car era mixed with 80's IROC/Formula 1 Decadence. I still remember as a kid seeing cars with that one stripe over that hump in the hood and wanting one of those cars. This 45th paint scheme brings the Camaro full circle.

Plus the interior is nice. I'm glad they finally put some soft leather/suede in the dash. It needed it badly. Too Much hard plastic. When I see the new dash I think now classic car interior modernized. When I'm in my classic car I love the feel of the metal dash and the vinyl squishy foam dash pad. That was something I felt the current camaro lacked in interior quality. I know I may be killed for this but the new Mustang if you looked at the interior it had that old school look and one could look at the old Mustang interior and from a glance I couldn't tell the difference. That for me was the only cool part to the mustang for me. Now with the improvements I feel the Camaro interior is right where its at. Plus I've been wanting to see the new guage design and I like what I see in the picks. It's been given that old school letter font that I love. Plus I like the new steering wheel. Its got a good look to it and I feel if one wanted to there is a nice chrome area to add the Tri color camaro logo.

The only thing I would want see (Please Fbodfather make it so) is the tapshift auto to be changed. I would like to be able to use the actual stick when shifting like the G8 had rather than having to push the flappy paddles on the the steering wheel. For me that would complete the package. Maybe have Hurst bring back the his/her shifter for the camaro.
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