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GT500 looks a bit bulkier than the ZL1, given they are supposed to be in the same class, I would think GT500 might come a bit short on the performance side. Granted, GT500 probably has a few things NAV/1000W stereo...etc., but we don't know what ZL1 has to offer. Then again, if you are buying a ZL1... don't you think extra weight might cause you to lose a few 1/10th of seconds on the drag strip, or track?

From the current videos on the net, GT500 appears to have issue hooking up with its rear tires, and a bit light when attacking curve aggresively.

Anyway, I don't really think GT500's engine is anywhere close to compete against LSA. Of course, that's just my bias... now ... if GM decides to revive Trans AM... then I will have to sell out on the Camaro. But for the timebeing... ZL1 rocks
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