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Originally Posted by philthy View Post
I contacted them on October 14...I doubt they got orders for all 15 allocations on the first day.
Yeap, I placed my order on 10/14.

When I called him last thursday he told me they didn't get ANY cars pulled for production for the March build however, YESTERDAY when talking to him he finally admitted that each dealership got 1. I still don't know if 1 is true, but I have no way of knowing if he is lying or not.

Needless to say, none of these 3 cars is mine, even though I was the 1st V8 order at their Feldman dealership. I'm pretty pissed about it but I can't do anything. I expect to have my car put in right away for their next build. If not, well, let's just say I'll be way less cordial than I've been so far with them.

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