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Originally Posted by Camaro21 View Post
Myself, Rforbes and Firefighter1 got pulled over on the way home by Texas State Trooper for no front plates but we only got a warning and a priceless picture !!
your photos are AWESOME, and that state trooper is a cutie
glad you guys didn't get tickets!!!!!

Originally Posted by Berserk View Post
I was the one that got pulled over heading out thursday (no ticket ) and on the way back home from the fest I pulled over to help out with a single vehicle roll over (old lady NOT camaro owner) that had only one CHP officer that had just showed up on scene, turned out to be the same officer that pulled me over on thursday. He said "so we meet again, thanks for stopping"
really great you stopped. was the lady okay??
Originally Posted by brantley847 View Post
Ms. Slush is by far more than a female..she has mind tricks. I highly recommend you avoid her at all costs...

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