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Finally, the show was over. I snapped a few pics as people were taking off and packing up to go out for dinner one final time. I was able to park in front of the Flowmaster trailer for some pics to send to them and I was also able to get a couple shots unimpeded of the Berger camaros there people were drooling over all weekend.

And as a final suprise, Allan has come up with the keys to the ZL1. Allan, Doug and myself were giddy with excitement as we were able to sit in the car. Doug even kissed the rear emblem but I wasn't able to whip out my camera in time.

During the pictures of the Mod Squad and some with the GM team, Dana had decided to listen to Audrey and move Doug's car forward a little bit. She hadn't driven a manual transmission before and Doug was muttering to himself during the pictures that he could hear her moving it.

After the pictures he hopping in the passenger seat and for about 15 minutes taught her how to actually drive the car. She did a fantastic job and didn't stall it once. Congrats to her for accomplishment and Congrats to Doug for not having a heart attack and during the lesson.
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