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I'm gonna be a jerk for a moment....please temporarily forget that it's me posting:

/start jerky post

Unless you've seen either the ZL1 or the 45th in person. You have very little room to criticize the appearance of these cars. As with all Camaros, pictures do them little justice, and the designs for both require even more attention when photographing.

So...if you haven't seen it in person -- withhold judgement (and some of the more 'colorful' comments) until you do.

As far as the steering wheel...some of you need your eyes checked. There's just no other way to say it. The bow tie on the front is about as "generic" as you can take the description of the wheel. And even that has a reason for being there. Again...withhold your judgement until you see it in person - I wasn't a fan and now I am. It doesn't "smack you in the face" like it does in pictures.

To those who HAVE seen the cars in person, and don't like them...what's wrong with you?!?!?! (Okay, just kidding...continued below)

/end jerky post

If you have seen it and still don't care for it - that's perfectly alright. I just think there are a few less of this sort of person than those who love 'em.
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