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Originally Posted by calbert1999 View Post
My point exactly; The hood and front fender is ugly as hell. They could have done a way better job. And, are they kidding with the guages, I'm hittng 7k RPM's going to the corner store for milk and juice. And, for 120 additional HP. is that a joke. I put a muffler, and some headers on mine with a CAM and makng that w/o an SC.
So, not sure why anyone would pay the huge price tag for this car, except of course to have a tag on the back that says ZL1 and keep it stored in the garage for 25yrs., but other than that I don't really get it.
Personally, I'd go to SLP if I wanted something with a label on it to justify paying all that extra cash.
Ok, you don't get it, then why do you continue to troll this section? You got a nice SS by the info in your sig, let me know what your total investment is after you drop the big brakes, MR suspension, Larger wheels and tires, LSA, upgraded interior and 100k warranty, oh yeah and the ZR1's launch/suspension control.
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