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Originally Posted by GretchenGotGrowl View Post
...I'm trying to decide what wheels and tires to get right now. I wanted to go with something different so we could compare, but I keep coming back to basically the same setup that Beauwulf has but with taller tires (can't afford to lower her much). That's a nice setup; the only thing I would change would be to go with Nittos, but they are hard to come by right now.
When I read the other day you were searching for different wheels I immediately thought of beauwulf's setup. Nice looking rims and still 20", but lighter than stock for a good price. Its all win lol.

Originally Posted by thehulk View Post
i dont know mang - when you think of a performance upgrade like a turbo, stats follow. it's just natural. personally i dont see the point of throwing down several thousand dollars just to hear the blow off valve every shift. you upgrade performance to be more competitive.
I can agree with your statement. It would be great to have some honest real stats for once. But at the same time I also see it from Z's and Gretchen's perspective. The performance has to be there...Gretchen ran into the 13s after spinning out like crazy on video. A stock V6 would have ran well into the high 14s or 15 after a spin out like that.

I would think with a good launch 12s should be achievable.
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