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Originally Posted by Weezerj View Post
or go to SLP. It won't be under 50K.
(of course, we are hoping for under 50K MSRP)
No way this car is going to be under $50k the Canadian price tag is $85k (to start).

Originally Posted by OldJedi View Post
Maybe because we want a warranty with our 550+HP car for the next 5 years. In 25 years I will bet that the GM ZL1 will be worth more than the SLP ZL1. Too bad I will not be around to collect on my bet or least remember that I made it.
Perhaps, but 80% of the time the warranty not worth the paper it's printed on, go read some of the threads on here, people can't even get GM to admit the gearing on the M6 if screwed to the max when grinding during shifts.
As, for value of a vehicle. Well, if some people want to keep their Camaro in the garage cause' it's going to be worth something in 25yrs. well, that's their perogative. I want to enjoy driving the shit out of mine, leaving ZL1's in the dust. Besides, like you in 25yrs. if I can lift my feet off the ground I'll be good. :-)

Originally Posted by 91Z28350 View Post
Ok, you don't get it, then why do you continue to troll this section? You got a nice SS by the info in your sig, let me know what your total investment is after you drop the big brakes, MR suspension, Larger wheels and tires, LSA, upgraded interior and 100k warranty, oh yeah and the ZR1's launch/suspension control.
If my opinion of the ZL1 is not equal to yours I'm a troll? Check yourself!!!!
I doubt very much the parts GM will put on the ZL1 will match the quality of the aftermarket parts installed in my SS or the SLP version of the ZL1.
My point is if I were to dish out $85k (CDN) to start, (which I most likely will when I'm done my SS) I'll smoke the ZL1 easily, unless of course you dump another $25k in mods on the ZL1. And, it will look a whole lot nicer too. ie - ProCharger or Maggie SC vs the one in the ZL1 (what is it again????)
Another point, my SS is already equipped with 550hp., top notch suspension, and I didn't pay anywhere near $85k. And, no SC yet. Now do you get what I'm saying? I'm talking "value" for money. I'm sure when the pro's get their hands on a ZL1 and disect it you'll see many posts on here about how much "more" work the vehicle will need to be up to spec. with some of the 2010 SS's out there "today".
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