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Originally Posted by Milk 1027 View Post
He may not know the dealer. But we all know how dealers are. About 1% of them are ever right about something.
True. But, this was not a sales call it was a discussion with a fellow Camaro owner who also works for a GM dealership in Ontario, Canada.
Just looking at my numbers from last year when I bought my 2SS, and got pricing from APA.
Invoice was about: $40k (base) does not include everything else I put on the badass maro. So even if not $85 surely going to be more than $50k (CDN) I would think with a list of upgrades like:
SC, bigger rims / tire package, sway bars, end-links, strut brace, hood, new front fender, bushings, coil-overs, hud, pricing mark-up (profit), price gouging (limited edition), bigger brakes, exhaust, and taxes.
In my mind 70-80k doesn't seem that impossible when you do some simple math especially when these are being touted as some limited edition vehicles.

Originally Posted by DGthe3 View Post
Its common sense really. Think of it this way:

GM priced the base V6 Camaro (LS) a little above the price of the base V6 Mustang (regular V6).

GM priced the up-level V6 Camaros (LT) a little above the price of the up-level V6 Mustang (V6 premium).

GM priced the basic V8 Camaro (1SS) a little above the price of the basic V8 Mustang (regular GT).

GM priced the up-level V8 (2SS) a little above the price of the up-level Mustang (GT premium)

Does it make any sense at all for GM to go ahead and price the supercharged top dog Camaro way way way beyond the price of the supercharged top dog Mustang (GT500)? Particularly when you can go and buy a turn-key aftermarket car from Hennessy, SLP, or others that offer more performance for less money?
Very valid points, but doesn't mean anything nowadays. Go to a dealer in Toronto, check out the price tag on a Vette and then look up US prices. You'll be shocked at what you see.
My dream car has always been a Vette, although I can afford the US price, I can't even get my head wrapped around what they're asking for the base or convertible Vette's here in Canada. So, US vs CDN pricing has always been weird, and nobody can ever explain it in plain english or french. LOL
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