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Originally Posted by calbert1999 View Post
So even if not $85 surely going to be more than $50k (CDN) I would think with a list of upgrades like:
SC, bigger rims / tire package, sway bars, end-links, strut brace, hood, new front fender, bushings, coil-overs, hud, pricing mark-up (profit), price gouging (limited edition), bigger brakes, exhaust, and taxes.
In my mind 70-80k doesn't seem that impossible when you do some simple math. When the time comes someone may be pulling foot out of mouth. LOL
The ZL1 is not going to be a limited edition model, such as the 2011 Indy Pace Car. Chevrolet will build as many ZL1s as there are individuals who will buy them.

You can bet that the ZL1 will be priced a little above the GT500. Any significantly different pricing doesn't make any business sense. Look at the empirical data that is available for the other Camaro and Mustang models. What would the business case be for Chevrolet to deviate the relative ZL1 pricing significantly from the relative pricing of other the models? There isn't one, so it won't happen.

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