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Originally Posted by SIXJAK View Post
That big time suxors. For the unwashed vinyl will offer some protection but that isn't what it's designed for. Most autommotive vinyl is laminated and is pretty durable. Matte vinyl obviously cannot be laminated and is less durable. Vinyl is not cheap to replace unless you're using cheap garbage installed by amateur hour. We had some bonehead open their car door on one of the Camaros and put several dime sized dings in the driver side door. In addition to a repaint on the door the vinyl had to be replaced and the offender crapped their pants when they learned that the bill was almost 1.8k. Without the vinyl it would have been less than half that cost.The company who hired the eye candy should cover the costs of replacing it.
Thanks for your input and support.

People just assume vinyl is dirt cheap, the front fascia peice is especially not cheap because of how intricate it is to wrap.
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