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Originally Posted by OldJedi View Post
I am glad you like your SS and are making it the perfect Camaro for you. As your engine work approaches the 700HP mark, I hope for your sake it holds together while are having fun with the ricers. As for me, Chevy built me my dream car in the ZL1 and we will have fun together as we head for retirement.
Well, lot's of SC'd SS's out there with this power level (and a whole lot more HP's), and lots of happy customers when done correctly. And, I guess some not so happy when not done correctly. To be honest, I was not happy with the stock SS not one bit, and that's what pushed me to start doing mods.
This is why there is speculation that the price range not going to be a measly $50k. for the ZL1, especially, when you have to upgrade many of the engine components along with the other bolt on's when getting into the high power bands. But, I could be wrong as it's obvious there are many vendors, quality levels and costs on parts GM can choose from on the ZL1 platform. Case and point the trunion kit for the rockers (or straight out race rockers), and other engine accessories when doing a "good" CAM job and / or SC. Some, guys keep all stock accessories in the heads, and are either lucky that stuff doesn't break or some guys like me go all out and spend the extra $$$, and feel confident knowing I can be aggressive pushing the vehicle to it's "new" limits.
It is quite expensive to have "top" notch equipment for high performance race type applications. In my case I don't mind spending top $$$ to know I'll have a much superior worry free product in the end. So, my 700+hp. application will perform very reliably and safely. Can't say the same for everybody else, as I'm not resonsible for thier vehicles.
Surely, though it will be fun regardless if it's an SS (with all the latest and greatest mods on my way to 1000+hp., and no warranty ), or a brand new kick-ass ZL1. We will have lot's of fun, that's for sure.

Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
The ZL1 is going to floor a LOT of people, methinks.........

Shouldn't make them feel any less about their own cars. Not at all. But I imagine it will demand a level of respect it's not receiving from some people right now...
For sure the ZL1 will be a lot of fun, and quite powerfull. Anything over 500hp. is just insane to handle and will rock you back into your seat when you punch the accellerator that's for sure. Will be very intersting though to see the price-tag. I'm curious about that for sure.
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