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Originally Posted by Ject View Post
If that price was $1,000 less... i'd go for it.. but DANG for nearly $5k I had better go aftermarket and save money..
I mainly did it cause they would be on the sticker as stock plus I can sell the RS 20"ers for probably a couple grand, with the tires. Got in writing from dealer that I keep them.

Originally Posted by SRFnSNO View Post
I striped the Bad rim down to Alum. By myself $175 in striper and 1.5 week of soaking and scrubing; w/wire brush and scraper. (the striper is recyclable if any one needs some)

My work gets lots of parts power coated so as long as I used a color that they had it was Pro-Bono.
Powder is purchased by the Pound Min. order is usualy 2-5 lbs depends on color. (if you are good you may able to get a sample pack usualy under 1lb)
There are 3 basic types of powder each having its own propitys. Any will work. Note:this dose not include the New plastic powder.
In my area I have heard of rims costing fron $75 to $150 per rim.
Hint have then coat I/S & Out. My guy only did the Face.

But I realy could not complain.
Attached are pics of new back in 03
and from last year 08 after 5years on the Ride Notice the Red ring Faded.
Nice. They still look good.
The OP talked about painting. Theres no way painting still looks that good after 5 yrs.
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