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Originally Posted by Pro Stock John View Post
Thanks for sharing. A 13" fan/cooler assembly, any ideas where you'd mount that? Sounds like a great idea. Did you scan after any runs and see what the trans temps were doing?

Also what is the L99 doing when the IAT's go up, is the pcm cutting back the timing in a big way? I noticed that with my Trailblazer SS that the timing would get dialed back a lot after just one pass. I'd have to cool it down 30 minutes or more.

Thanks! (non-denominational guy here)...
The tranny cooler would have to be mounted in front of the radiator, likely involving removal of front bumper, etc. I've seen a couple of installs on this forum that look good. But for cooling, I also have a Meziere EWP (2010+ Camaro specific) waiting to go on. Since the tranny is routed through the radiator, and the tranny cooler is in series, I figure this might help as well. The tranny cooler/fan is a B&M (70297 - and has a 175* thermo switch. I'll mount it after the radiator, so that if the radiator can't cool it enough, the cooler/fan may get it down to 175-180. Don't want it too cool.

Stock, the L99 is pretty much the same as any LSx motor. There's a table that pulls timing based on IAT, which can be tuned out if you like.

However, my IAT's are pretty consistent because I have the Fastlane Pipeline 4" CAI, which is basically the "down and out" style that draws air from behind the fog light. Once the car gets moving, IATs drop to ambient + 7-9* (heat off the track, I suppose). In the staging lanes it looks bad, because it's getting hot asphalt air and hot engine air, but it works well for me when moving.

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