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Lets get it on...

Originally Posted by Kyle.Gilmour View Post
I was going to start putting your comments in quotes... but there were way to many!

1) You guys should race my car friday night with the new trans, before I get into town.. I want to know how far I have to go to catch up with you two. I am ready for you IOMs

2) WTF..... Airline miles!@#!@------ If anyone should be using Airline miles it is me! you guys have big checkbooks.... let me use my continental fictious point system!

what is this... Is ARD going on the Barter System?

OWEN--- I will fly you and the Mrs AROUND THE WORLD- FIRST CLASS on Continental - TWICE; for the Meth kit and F1A you can even sell my used parts, haha
4 round the world trips wont even budge my cache of miles. hahah.. pathetic i know
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