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Originally Posted by CliffjumperRS View Post
Out of curiosity, have you had any issues scraping the splash guards since you lowered the car? I have them as well and they're the only thing causing reservations about lowering it. Sad that $140 worth of molded plastic could sway my decision.

love your car btw. IOM was my first choice, but couldn't find the trim level i wanted when i bought.
The only time it has been a problem was when I would back it into the garage, I kept backing up until my rear tire hit my engine hoist's leg. It was the perfect spot to stop, with the back bumper just inches away from the wall. Well after lowering I backed it up just like I always do and the rear splash guard was low enough to get caught on the leg. I didn't notice it until I pulled out and the engine hoist followed me a little. I moved the hoist and now use some 2x4s as stops.

The front splash guards are the ones that are pretty low, but they have not ever hit on anything and I doubt they ever will. The connecting pipes to my headers hang about 1/4" lower than the splash guards and I have only hit those once when I didn't see a parking lot speed bump and went over it too fast. It just barely tapped them, because it didn't even leave a mark or scratch them.

I'll go snap a pic of how low they hang.
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