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Let's work UNDER the hood a bit...

Been awhile since I posted, and although these are preliminary pix (car dirty, and it's like, 3am...) I just couldn't resist!

First off, we have the painted/polished fuse box. Not going to mention vendor names in this case, but their a$$-holes, and their product really isn't worth the $$$. Engine cover was custom painted by Atlantic Collision, who does all my body work/paint... Mikes the Sh*t! And yes- I did cut EACH individual screw head on the fuel rails by hand... PITA! FInally, hood Bowtie and stripe emblems done by EMBLEM PROS- what a class-act company, I can't stress enough the quality of workmanship and customer service!

Will post better pix this weekend in the sunlight, and when the cars cleaned up for the next TCC5 meet!

Thanks for looking! (Emblem Pros- they're the sh*t!!!!)
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