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Talking 2012 45th Anniversary Edition vs RS Package

Hey, just thought I would place this info into a thread for anyone that might also be looking at a 2012 and isn't sure if they should get the RS package with the 45th Anniversary package or just the 45th Anniversary package. I hope that someone finds this thread of use in their decision.

-Rear Spoiler (was part of the RS package but now is standard for 2012)
-Tinted Taillamps (was part of the RS package but now is standard for 2012)

RS Package
- 20" painted aluminum wheels (Also on the 45th)
- HIDs (Also on the 45th)
- Body-color roof ditch molding (Also on the 45th)
- Body-color "Sharkfin" antenna
- Red "SS" emblems

So as you can see, if you are planning on ordering the 45th Anniversary Edition, like i am, the RS package is not worth the cost. For $1300 (asuming there is no price change) you would just be adding the body-color antenna. Also keeping in mind, the antenna is black standard and the 45th Anniversary Edition cars come in Carbon Flash Metallic only. The antenna may not be metallic black but will "match" nonetheless.

I hope typing this out wasn't a waste but I was wondering myself since ordering should be coming soon and I didn't want to pay $1300 for essentailly nothing. (As much as I want to be able to say i have a SS/RS I just can't justify spending that money.)

Thanks for reading,

TMoneySS (Taylor)

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