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Originally Posted by cntryman77 View Post
I'm looking forward to getting my vararam as well...glad to see another V6er with the OBX headers...I love them & the sound is awesome...I've had no problem with rasp either...I have a little bit of drone, but I can ignore it...these do make the car a lot louder...i went to my first "event" of the year this weekend & someone thought I had straight didn't put an x-pipe in though, I still have the factory h-pipe between the headers & MRTv2 axlebacks...great job BMORE

The best money I spent on a mod. I was a little paranoid at first but when EZR gave me a really good deal I said what the heck, if anything go wrong I can justify the low cost of the OBX.
The quality was way over what I expected and the fit is perfect

I can imagine the loudness and the drone with no cats. I couldnt take it anymore so I had to do something about it quick and it all worked out at the end. Im just a little worried about the raised sound once vararam goes in, but for now its all good
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