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Originally Posted by Scott@Bjorn3D View Post
The Jackson car has probably already been built. GM may be working that plant close to full speed by the 16th. I mean they have been making 20 a day for weeks now according to the plant folks here. How many of those do you really think are captured fleet cars? That is just way to many cars.

There may be a chance alot of us 3400 status guys could go to finished cars on or near the 16th. I know in my talking with GM the my car is do to be here by the end of the month, maybe very early April they said.
Whats the earliest TPW we have seen so far? Last week? this week? next week? NOPE, the first I recall is the week of the 16th... Hmmm they start production that week don't they?
What does that tell you?

I really doubt they have already started building our cars yet. because nobody's event code has proceded to that point yet..
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