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Originally Posted by trm0002 View Post
Still same question. How can it be 000001 (or is it) when all the IVERs and PREPROs have been driving around for months. They must have VIN's; therefore, IMO, there has to be something in the VIN # to differentiate them from the "regular production" ones. Or not?

There are different series of VIN numbers. I'm not sure exactely how it works, but there are more then one #1 VIN numbers, each are just a different series. For example: When Dave Ressler bought the ZR1 last year he thought it was the first one made, and yes it is the first of the series but it is not the first one made. Jay Leno has the first ZR1 made. I think the VIN on Ressler's ZR1 is 5900001 and Leno's is 5800001, or something like that(not exactely sure with those numbers)

I hope that make at least a little sense.
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