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Originally Posted by PoleCat2SSRS2010 View Post
One can look at it from a different angle. The lack of a tuner for the V6s has held up the sales of aftermarket mod parts. Some one should get brazen an get all the V6 parts suppliers together and let them know that their revenue would start flowing better if anyone like EFI Live or HP Tuners got off their narrow focus and actually delivered something.

For crying out loud it has been 2 years. Its time to deliver!
I have a V8 and I can see and hear the frustrations of my V6 buddies and it is only getting louder.
Soon frustrations will turn to....

I never imagined there was going to be lack of ecm support on these v6 camaros. I am almost at the end of my go fast bolt on mods and really need more tuning option.
Some say we got what we need already but I didnt jump into this v6 to be kinda forced into only 1 option.
Can you SS guys imagine only having 1 tuning option that will net you extra 5hp after a tune?

Sorry but this is enough to be madthat I even contacted my local ford to possibly trade in for a 5.0 and I only owned my camaro v6 3 month

Hopefully this will just be temporary frustration and dissapointment.
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