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This is an AMAZING post for anyone new to the game, and just as good for the experienced racer. I'm a fledgling car guy at best (financially limited only, I am very mechanically inclined) and there was so such useful info here.

I'm sitting here thinking "yeah, go with stiffer springs and says and I'm golden"... damn I underestimated those silly little rubber chunks! I didn't realize just how much they can influence the car's ride. That will definitely be my first suspension upgrade.

As far as the actual camaro suspension, I knew it was independent and that was good enough for me... now I fully appreciate the car for what it is - and what it can be

I am basically a degree away from an engineer, I'm nuclear trained, and I'm very detail specific - so I can really appreciate the R&D that GM put into the 5th gen, and I am just speechless at the amount of R&D that Pedders has done on the car (although if I had the chance to drive and fine tune supercars for a living a bit of research would be a small price!). I tip my hat and pick my jaw off the floor Pedders! You guys rock!
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