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Originally Posted by fielderLS3 View Post
I'd never use the oil life monitor. I go by how it looks on the stick. I know using the oil monitor is "probably" ok, but "probably" doesn't cut it when it comes to an engine on a $35,000 car.
so you'd rather trust your eyes (that I'm sure are calibrated to judge actual contamination of oil, not just its "dirty look") over a system designed by engineers for the sole purpose of telling you if your oil is good or not?

sorry, but "How it looks on the stick" doesnt cut it when it comes to an engine on a $35,000 car.

Originally Posted by camaro1 View Post
its good in theory,, but it just doesnt work,, especially when people use cheap oil,, and no one checks their oil anymore, then people complain that they have their low oil light come on but they have 8000 miles on their oil change.

gm is re-programming many of the v6 engine ecm's to make the oil change light come on sooner because of all the problems these engines are having with oil issues
define cheap oil.

you talking regular dino oil vs synthetic? the system works with both types of oil.
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