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Sorry bro. GM is officially saying first quarter of 09. But, we all know that one can sell a next model year vehicle a year earlier. I would imagine GM wants this to hit the dealers asap so they can start bringing in the big bucks. But, they can't do it until they get all the bugs out and final decisions made. I said it months ago and am sticking w/ my guns. I think GM wants it out as soon as possible and if they can release it in late 08, they will. But, there CAN NOT be a 40th anniv edition. That would mean GM would have to build an 07. It can not be done due to the old St.Therese contracts (had the contract to build the Camaro through 08). The next Camaro GM can officially build is the 09. Not feasible. Don't know why they put it on the box. Marketing? Maybe just because it's a concept?
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