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Originally Posted by terry_b View Post
This is an AMAZING post for anyone new to the game, and just as good for the experienced racer. I'm a fledgling car guy at best (financially limited only, I am very mechanically inclined) and there was so such useful info here.

I'm sitting here thinking "yeah, go with stiffer springs and says and I'm golden"... damn I underestimated those silly little rubber chunks! I didn't realize just how much they can influence the car's ride. That will definitely be my first suspension upgrade.

As far as the actual camaro suspension, I knew it was independent and that was good enough for me... now I fully appreciate the car for what it is - and what it can be

I am basically a degree away from an engineer, I'm nuclear trained, and I'm very detail specific - so I can really appreciate the R&D that GM put into the 5th gen, and I am just speechless at the amount of R&D that Pedders has done on the car (although if I had the chance to drive and fine tune supercars for a living a bit of research would be a small price!). I tip my hat and pick my jaw off the floor Pedders! You guys rock!
Thank you for the kind words.

We had an opportunity to work with the guys from West Coast Customs on a 2011 5th Gen build. Our segment has some valuable information that pertains to this thread. I hope you enjoy it.

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