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Just Because!
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Yeah, he just doesnt like you! LOL

But really, no sponsorship, if anything, I am helping them out on my dime. I got a good deal on the system, but gotta get the different tips to fit. No biggie! I can make it the way I want!

Since I am keeping the stock manifolds/cats for future smog checks, I need a way to bolt a 3 inch system to the stock setup. And also be able to add the headers later on, and switch back and forth! So Luke at Blu808 is designing a "midpipe" for lack of a better term. It will bolt up to the LG system (and other systems!) and the stock manifolds.

I'm ready to ditch the mufflers though. Sheesh I had a Benz throw me revs today, and his exhaust sounded better than mine! LOL

I'm having so much fun making parts work!

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