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Originally Posted by pyr0b0y View Post
finally decided on the type of engine im going with . its gunna be a 418 stroker LS3 with twin turbos. I decided on the 418 over the 427 because Texas Speed mentioned the 418 is moer applicable for boost rather than the 427, which is used more for N/A (at least the aluminum block is). Its not all going to happen at once, but ill have the engine built, installed, then sell my current block, sell the supercharger, then buy the twin turbo setup. For the twin turbo setup, i spoke with hellion and will be getting 61mm or 64mm ball bearing turbos to cut down on the turbo lag. The 61mm supports up to 1000hp, and the 64mm handles up to 1200rwhp. The injectors will need to be at least 80ft/lbs; more than likely ill go with 90 to be safe....more details to come later.....
Very nice Josh!!
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