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Originally Posted by thePill View Post
The IRS in the Camaro is poor, hopefully the FE4 option will remedy the strange handling characteristics the Camaro has now.


The IRS on the Camaro is absolutely an amazing piece of engineering, and it's about to get even better with the ZL1's spin on it.

The handling characteristics are due to a myriad of factors, including but not limited to: offset wheel width, sway bar location/thickness, spring rate, damping rates, track-width offsets, bushing stiffness (or lack thereof in some cases) etc,'re familar with all this...

It was also team Camaro's first crack at an IRS Camaro. They've learned many lessons since 2009, and I'm positive we'll see continual improvement moving forward.

There is no inherent problem with the IRS. Saying what you did is much like saying the Mustang looks like garbage because the roof is curvey....there's a BUNCH of reasons it doesn't look good.
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