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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
The IRS on the Camaro is absolutely an amazing piece of engineering, and it's about to get even better with the ZL1's spin on it.

The handling characteristics are due to a myriad of factors, including but not limited to: offset wheel width, sway bar location/thickness, spring rate, damping rates, track-width offsets, bushing stiffness (or lack thereof in some cases) etc,'re familar with all this...

It was also team Camaro's first crack at an IRS Camaro. They've learned many lessons since 2009, and I'm positive we'll see continual improvement moving forward.
This... I would 100% agree with you on the multiple handling issues but I would have to disagree with the "absolutely amazing piece of engineering" part. It handles as it was originally intended, it handles like a sedan... The IRS is just a variation of regular independent rear suspension. The IRS was borrowed from the Pontiac G8 with some modifications to the links such as the enlarged "L" link. I understand that this was GM's first attempt at IRS under the Camaro but it was not a brand new system. The teams in Conti had handling issues last month at Barber where the Rolex teams did not. The reason being is that the factory suspension can be modified in the GT class and the GS class must maintain the factory setup. I am interested in where the GT class Camaro's changed the mounting points that allows the Camaro to come to life.

However, I still believe that the FE4 is a quick and inexpensive fix to the oddly behaving IRS system in the Camaro now. I’m not completely sure but, I hadn’t heard that the ZL1 will be upgraded directly. I can only assume that the FE4 suspension work will automatically find its way to the ZL1. During the ZL1 development, handling was probably an issue and now those needed upgrades will be available to the masses via the FE4 package. This will be active research and development and we will actually get to see the Camaro evolve into a potentially fantastic handling vehicle... and maybe eventually the Z28...

Edit: Expect the FE4 package to be the opposite of lightweight. Part of me really wants to see the Corvettes Transverse leaf spring suspension under the future Z28. That system is as lightweight as you can get and the Corvettes IRS is also as light as they come (with the exception of newer IRS systems)... What would the cost figure be to adapted a current version of the Corvettes TLS and IRS into a 5th Gen? How difficult would it be to retro fit the TLS/IRS into a 5th Gen Camaro? I know for a fact that the benefits would be there just not sure the cost and difficulty would be reasonable. GM has enough time to make a significant change to the 5th Gen, I am hoping that this chassis last until the 50th anniversary.

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