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GoPaul's Journal

I'm only a year late with starting my journal but better late than never, so I will try and retrace my brief love affair with the Chevy Camaro!

Ok so to start with I am British, I was born in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England and I have absolutely no childhood upbringing around US muscle cars. I moved to Houston from the UK in May of 2003.

Fast Forward to the Summer of 2007 - I'd been out for dinner with my family and some of our good friends, the normal Friday night - good food, drinks and then roll back to one of our houses to chill. Switch on the tv and start watching some kiddy movie "Transformers"well I remembered the cartoon from when I was a kid, but can never remember them having:

a) A really hot chick like Megan Fox who would seductively fix a car like that!

b) That sweet looking yellow Camaro!

Ok so after a reality check I then realized that Megan would never be mine but I would do anything I could to own that sweet looking motor!

Next.....Fast Forward to January of 2008, Houston Auto Show:

I had no idea the new Camaro was going to be on show - but there it was in all its beauty! My frist real life glimpse of the new Camaro concept.

........Again Fast Forward, this time to April of 2010, Westside Chevrolet, Katy Freeway

Approx 2 years after I’d first set my heart on the Camaro and I was once again in the market for a car, luckily for me so was my wife and I managed to persuade her to upgrade in size from the Ford Edge to the new Chevy Traverse – this meant I could down size from my GMC Envoy to a smaller absolute "no brainer" as to what I was going for"!

I turned up at Westside Chevrolet in Katy and told them I was after the 1LT in Black, with upgraded 20" wheels – I was out of luck they didn’t have one on the floor, but they did have a black 2LT RS, sweet -
with a little haggling and my added GMC discount I was able to cut a deal that I could afford.

Best Timeslip: <Time Slip> Latest Dyno (w. Injen only): <Dyno Sheet> Journal: <Here>

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