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Thanx TRM

Here is the quote from the thread link:
Originally Posted by RPO_Z28 View Post
Well, it's about 830 AM here in the cold northeast. I think it said 13 degrees on my car's outside temperature display. I have my coffee and egg whites on a wrap and I'm ready to go this morning.

After being on this forum for a while, it's pretty exciting watching our first 2010 Camaro go thru the "birthing" process. So here we go for this morning.

Open up Global Connect and click on the "My Placed" link. This will show us all of the orders that ran thru the Pass One process last week. This is the last day for me to make any changes to those orders. If I don't make the necessary changes, I could easily end up with an assortment of generic orders. However, that rarely happens because even if I am on vacation, I either have someone else do it for me or I have internet access and can do it remotely.

But with the Camaro, I have never seen such hype over the order process and I'd better get this one right. I don't want to deal with some crazed Camaro nut who didn't get the proper equipment. I wouldn't do it wrong because of pride so the customer has very little to worry about anyway.

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