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Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post
Good LORD! That dude needs to start being careful!!! Ticket after ticket! UGH!
ugh is right. I just do not get any breaks. who gets a ticket with a police escort. haha. Good thing I wont be able to drive my car in the winter now. haha.... less time on the road.

and I get differed disposition on this one. so its only gonna cost me money. pheeew. (yes... in Galvaston they call it disposition)

Originally Posted by speedster View Post
Great pics of the cars Russ...
...and Kyle - is there reciprocity with tickets between TX and MI ?
Dude, you are gonna be covered in yellow...

and yes, thanks russ.. nice pics.

Originally Posted by Jekyll-N-Hyde View Post
Hell yeah very nice Pics.
lol not used to seeing a automatic shifter in Kyles car.
Car looks awsome just sitting still
it will be sitting still... real still if Texas has there way. haha. they probably want me off the road. haha.

write up on the new trans coming soon.
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