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When we pulled the clutch out of the car a few weeks ago we sent it to Monster Clutch/SNL Performance in Dallas to get a replacement. They told me that they will charge my credit card for backup, only till they receive the old clutch back.

Well once they received the clutch they determined that the clutch failed due to oil on the disk. (not sure why something as small as that voids the warranty, seems like a regular hazard), anyway, thats what they claimed, which means that my disk and pressure plate are not under warranty and they already had my credit card info so they left the $550 charge on my card.

Ok... now some of you may be "why is he mad, it is a valid reason that the warranty would be voided".... to those people...
I am not done with the storey yet

So granted maybe that does void the warranty, but... my issue now with Monster and SNL is the fact that they did not ever WARN me that when they got the disk and pressure plate back that may not cover it. I was never told that I may be responsible for the charges they put on my card "as a formaility". Owen from ARD was awesome enough to take high res pictures of the old clutch, so Monster knew exactly what they were getting... That is strike 1, maybe 1.5 if you agree or disagree with the diagnoses of the clutch .

Strike 2 - I am talking to them on the phone and I say, ok, well I am buliding a new transmission so I do not want your brand new clutch, can I send it back..... they reply "sure, for a 25% restocking fee"... wait... what... a $125 restocking fee for two pieces of metal that was delievered to me in a cardboard box and plastic wrap? Who at the shop actually gets the 125 to place it back on the shelf? I want that job.

Strike 3 - Is not directed at Monster... its directed to X-HP... the bane of my existence... Monster assured me that this failure was due to the original shop and the installation of the their clutch. So almost 1 year down the road... xtreme hp is still costing me money.

urgh... its been an awful couple days... well almost an awful week now, haha.

write up on the trans is still in the works.
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