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Originally Posted by TJ91 View Post
I suggest you get the RS, i know it seems unreasonable because you basically have all of that on your SS anyways,, but they really sold me on the option yesterday. The HIDS are just amazing, he explained them in detail. But then agian, it might just be unnecessary. It is necessary on the v6s though
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I don't care how amazing the HID's are, they are not a good deal if you are ordering an SS, plain and simple since the SS already comes with the spoiler and the price is about the same. The SS headlights are like Bumblebee's and look better in my opinion (more of a classic muscle car look). On the other hand it makes a huge difference to V6 owners in appearance and is highly recommended even though adding just the spoiler would be cheaper and I actually like the lights and wheel colors to be standard...

The Boston Acoustics upgrade option is probably not a good idea as an upgrade on the 1SS at this point in time since those that have heard it so far are not saying anything positive about it. No one has said so far "The sound is amazing" etc.. And all who have listened to it are enthusiasts who are very excited about the car and wouldn't make something up (unless they worked for GM and have no choice but to praise it to no end or stay quiet about it) In either case, I will be changing my order to a 1SS cyber grey with the polished aluminum wheels upgrade instead. In a year or so I will upgrade the sound to some American made speakers and ones I can listen to and compare.

If I am totally wrong about listening to my gut instinct on this one from the people who have heard the B&A's sound and their comments, then I apologize to GM.. However if ABL was the way that it should be, then I wouldn't care if the B&A was not top notch quality..

Just by looking at this rendering below, I will be thinking every time I see those doors how nice it would be if the light travels across the dash..I simply cannot and do not want that thought..So if there is no ABL across the dash, it is a no go and a deal breaker for me.. IF GM says they are working on it still and will install it free of charge later on when they do get it working, even if the company goes bankrupt, then I would change my order tomorrow..
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