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Originally Posted by Supermans View Post
The Boston Acoustics upgrade option is probably not a good idea as an upgrade on the 1SS at this point in time since those that have heard it so far are not saying anything positive about it. No one has said so far "The sound is amazing" etc.. And all who have listened to it are enthusiasts who are very excited about the car and wouldn't make something up (unless they worked for GM and have no choice but to praise it to no end or stay quiet about it) In either case, I will be changing my order to a 1SS cyber grey with the polished aluminum wheels upgrade instead. In a year or so I will upgrade the sound to some American made speakers and ones I can listen to and compare.

If I am totally wrong about listening to my gut instinct on this one from the people who have heard the B&A's sound and their comments, then I apologize to GM.. However if ABL was the way that it should be, then I wouldn't care if the B&A was not top notch quality..
I'm not an audiophile and I know how picky people can be about their audio systems... that's the only reason I have stopped short of calling the BA system "amazing". Also, I haven't heard the base system so I don't have much to compare it on other than my current and previous vehicles as well as friends' cars. With that said, it was one of, if not the, best system in a car I've ever listened to. I really wish some of the other people who've heard it would chime in though. So far only TJ and myself have in this thread and neither of us really had the chance to play with it fully and pump the volume or anything of the sort.

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