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So I got my engine set on fire today...

So I just got back from the oil change from hell.
Went to a service station that will not be named atm, they change my oil/oil filter. I leave...

2 stop lights later I notice (oil) smoke starting to billow out from the engine bay. I pull over and see oil coming from the Oil Filter cap so I immediately head back. I arrive and pop the hood as they approach, left-side of the engine is in flames. To their credit, they had good reaction time and smothered the flames fast (almost used an extinguisher, but fire went out before that was needed).

After further inspection, turns out the mechanic didn't seat the o-ring on the Oil Filter housing when he replaced the cap.
There was no visible damage from the fire, and they apologized profusely. I made sure to get a printed report on what happened for the record.

After they hosed out the engine bay with some kind of solvent, they said it should be "fine".......I just witnessed my brand new Camaro's engine on fire, I was far from fine. But I got the incident in writing and I'm confident if complications arise from this, they will take care of it.

So, my question to you guys is what kind of things should I be looking out for that would hint at damage from the fire?
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