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It's raining a little too much to take any new pics, but I'll post a few here and there that I have from over time...

The first image is the rig from the air... This view is from the bow (front) of the rig... The living quarters are under the heliport and pretty much the width of the rig...

The second image is the freedom bird coming to the rig... This is the only way we are able to get out here... We could come out by boat, but then we would have to do personnel transfers via the cranes, and that is pretty much frowned upon any more on floating rigs... plus, we work up to a couple of hundred miles offshore.... depending on the rig and the well location...

The third image is a picture of the BOP stack looking down on it from the top... This is only half of it though as the rest of it is at the bow end of the cellar deck, my work area, stacked on the test stump... The guy working on it is one of the roughnecks. We are in the process of repainting the entire thing...

Most of you probably saw one of these stacks in the video clips of the rig that sank in the Gulf... This chunk of iron sits on the ocean floor, attached to the well head when it's actually in operation.... It is what the video clips kept showing all the mud and oil coming out of... Fully stacked up, it's around 50-60 feet tall and weighs a few pounds...
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