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Guys Guys Guys. We do not need to get into a pissing contest.

People should not get mad at people for being successful, especially in this economy.

Also showing off what you have doesn't mean anything. I am only 23 years old, but I am an electrical engineer and very successful with a good salary. I wear t-shirts and jeans and don't show off anything.

Most people think im just a stupid kid that doesn't have a pot to piss in. That doesn't bother me, and usually gives me a leg up.

Most people that are always showing off what they have are the people with no money saved.

So Vizon and dkknightx you are both inconsiderate.

DkknightX, since someone is young they are not allowed to purchase a camaro. Especially someone as myself who is able to pay their taxes, pay their bills, invest in their 401k and IRA, and is responsible enough to know what they can and can't afford. Cough all the jackasses causing this economic mess Cough. Even though i am 23 i have still worked hard for my education and my career.

Vizon, Even though you are 20, you do not need to be cocky and brag about what you have and saying you see that wallet its gucci. All that is saying you were stupid enough to get into a pissing contest, and that you wasted your money on a wallet. My wallet was $5 and does just as good of a job as yours.
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