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Originally Posted by Darth_Emma View Post
I bet they could polish that and make it look like a polished maggie. You're going to need a beefier front suspension...
I bet they would poop if I took that thing in a small space somewhere and polished it over a couple of days... and then put it back in the box...

This is a test... This is only a test...

We are trying to determine the period of time that the wind can blow in the south Atlantic at or above 50 mph... It has been around 52 hours so far... The fortunate thing for us is that is keeps moving around the compass, so the seas haven't built that badly... We are heaving, pitching, yawing and rolling quite a bit... Pretty much everyone has tape on the casters of their office chairs to keep from rolling around while trying to type, write, or otherwise do things in the office...

We have ascending rain... It falls from the clouds, gets close to sea level and then is repelled back up to race across the deck at somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 mph, stinging and soaking everything and everyone in its path...We have most stuff tied down, but I think a roustabout was blown overboard at the aft end of the rig and he swirled around and landed on the bow.... Can't prove it, but we can't deny the possibility either...

The sea birds usually skim the water, riding just high enough above the water level to keep it from hitting them on their bellies... and this is up the front side of a wave and down the backside... It's beautiful to watch... but it's funny as hell to see one of these graceful animals try the same thing and smoke a wave... cartwheeling to a stop and shaking its head to clear the cob webs.... took about 30 seconds of recovery time before it tried to take off... may have just been waiting on clearance from the tower... Wind plays hell on the wildlife as well....
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