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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
You don't think they can out-build the Ford?
Well of course they could but what would be the cost of that car? The Camaro has a stiffer chassis and the advantage of IRS. But weight is the Camaro's achilles heel. As has been noted here the Boss is heavier than the standard Mustang. This could also be the fate of the Z28. Chevy has to be careful to build a car at a price level people would actually buy that would slot in between the SS and the ZL-1. So big weight savings cannot be part of the plan.

Still, I am excited about the Z28 even if I do not buy one. I hope it results in a few upgrades I can add to my SS like the Boss has for the GT.

Both the Boss and Z28 are image cars. Neither is going to make any money for their respective companies. One interesting thing I see over on the Ford boards is the threads discussing the pros and cons of the Boss. A number of these threads sort of lean towards the idea that most people are better off with a GT rather than the Boss.

One conclusion you could make is that when it comes right down to it, many like the idea of a track car, most do not want to live with one. Ford was smart in building only a very limited number of Bosses. I am sure Chevy HiPo marketing is looking at this too and wondering if the Z28 is really such a good idea.

Another thing worries me. The Z28 is still a ways off and has not been officially announced. The Mustang GT sales are running out of gas. Are the Camaro sales slowing too? I thought so but I am not sure. The Mustang, Camaro, and Challenger are all so good. Have most people who wanted a muscle car bought one by now? If so, then will the Z28 be built?

Still, to paraphrase one of the recent Motor Trend covers:

"Forget the 60's, this is the golden age of Pony Car muscle"
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