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Originally Posted by Fraxum View Post
Well of course they could but what would be the cost of that car? The Camaro has a stiffer chassis and the advantage of IRS. But weight is the Camaro's achilles heel.

True, if you have to pick a "weakness" of the 5thgen Camaro, it would be weight. But the 200 lb difference between Mustang and Camaro is easily overcome with some suspension tweaks. I think the 2012 SSs should prove that.

One conclusion you could make is that when it comes right down to it, many like the idea of a track car, most do not want to live with one. Ford was smart in building only a very limited number of Bosses. I am sure Chevy HiPo marketing is looking at this too and wondering if the Z28 is really such a good idea.
This is a serious point to consider. The Boss formula is not a daily-drive car. It's compromised comfort to achieve those impressive numbers. But...if you're a serious're likely going to want to build one yourself anyways. If Chevy decides to build a Z28 that reflects the Boss, I think it's going to be a conscious choice deemed affordable for them.

Another thing worries me. The Z28 is still a ways off and has not been officially announced. The Mustang GT sales are running out of gas. Are the Camaro sales slowing too?
No. Camaro sales are still very strong. And this is with minimal to no incentives.

I look forward to a Z28. I do!!There is much more to consider with a car like this, though. It's not an easy decision...especially since the ZL1 has been released and essentially "completed" the lineup.
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