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Originally Posted by Illini View Post
Anyone know when CGM will be available on 2012s? That is the color I want to order but 2 different dealers have told me that they don't know when it will return?
I've asked the same question several times to several dealers both on C5 and on other sites but no ome knows anything yet. Everyone is still waiting on GM for an answer.

Originally Posted by mySSt View Post
Call Becky D at Rodgers Chevrolet (outside of Detroit) and see if she has heard. Read in other threads the plant in Japan which makes a component of the metallic paints should be up again soon (if it's not already).
The plant in Japan reopened about 2 weeks ago so hopefully GM can start making the metallic colors that required it. The owners of the plant also said they were going to build a second plant in Germany so in the eventuality that one plant is shut down, they can continue production.

Here's the link to the story from Autoblog...
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