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Originally Posted by Nick Carraway View Post
Fair enough. I'm intrigued...please explain.

If you are referring to racing, and the other person lost, I can understand it would "suck to be them." Otherwise, you just look pompous.
Yup, racing inspired. Plates were a b-day gift from my then high school girlfriend, now wife, on my 98 hardtop SS (see attached pic). I was REALLY into street racing (i know very stupid, but I eventually moved to just racing at the track) and "sucks to be you" was my high school catch phrase when racing. The car was pretty quick for only being a max effort bolt on car (no cam, stock heads stock motor, no power adder).
I know what you mean about me looking pompous, but that is not the case. The wife now regrets getting me the plates, because I have them on my turbo ESV also. That one looks even more pompous, but it's quick for what it is too. It was a high 13 second 6,300 lb beast before I added the Turbonetics t76 turbo kit. Either way, I have had these plates for about 12 years and everyone knows me as SUX2BU. Never had anybody mess with my cars like people think will happen (this site really thinks the worst about people) and I now have them on two cars.
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