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I showed these pics to a local install shop and they had similar comments about the crossover placement. I washed my car today with a hose (not power washer) and then started on the install. I had moisture on the inside of the door, where the moisture barrier is glued to teh inside structure of the door. I think there's no good reason to put the crossover out there to rust. Living in Cali, I can tell you it will start to corrode when there's moisture around.

I found there's tons of room inside the door panel. If you look on the same side as the door lock arm (top right on passenger side) and then at the bottom, there's tons of room there. Heck if you're bored with lots of time, put it in the foam block.

My top part didn't really pop cleanly out. So half the cllips up near the window came off with the door panel. Anyone else have this problem and how did you put it back? I think the clip goes on the door first, then the weathersealslips down on top, and then the door pops on....however it doesn't look right this way.

Any help would be great!!

I'll probably post up a thread with specifics on how I got Hertz Hi-Power HSK 165's to fit using the factory adapter for the mid and adapting the tweeter's ring to work with the single phillips screw that hold the pod in place (while allowing the other side to pop into the tabs).
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