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Originally Posted by markssylver View Post
So how do you time the bushings is that when loosen the suspension bolts and drive the car the align it an retighten the loosened bolts
I wouldn't loosen them and then drive it. You have the alignment guy losen them, SLOWLY drive it around the parking lot or have them vigorously shake/move the car, then re-tighten and align.

I woudn't drive it with loose bolts. You don't want your suspension to fall off on the way to the alignment shop.

Make sure to find an alignment shop that knows what you are talking about when you say you want them to time the bushings. At least they should be familiar with the process if they use different terminology. If they say it's not necessary and won't make a difference....find another shop. Be prepared to pay more money than just a regular alignment. There is more work involved with timing the bushings.
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